A beginners journey: part 1

an introduction

Hey there! My name is Taryn, you may know me online as toovsie, and I’m a rookie miniature hobbyist! I began my venture into building and painting in July 2020 as a fun and rewarding way to spend time during the pandemic. Since then, there are three things that have stood out to me as a new member of this hobbying community: the people, the skill, and the versatility.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single person I’ve come by in the community so far has been awesome! From the staff at the Warhammer shop, who talked me through lore so that I had a story to envision my army, to the folks down at my local games shop, who made it clear that newcomers were just as welcome as regulars. And then there’s the online community, who are happy to share their knowledge and celebrate each other regardless of experience or skill level, and I love that.


Not to mention the absolute skill I’ve realised it takes to produce a top class mini. I remember looking at the box art on my first Sylvaneth start collecting, thinking yeaaah no bother I’ll have that done in a day. Boy, oh boy… I say as I currently glance over at my still unpainted Tree Lord!! Honestly though, as a newbie I had no idea the time, patience and skill refinement that would go into painting up a mini to be proud of. I’ve found it’s helped me delve into a more creative and patient side of myself which I didn’t even know existed.


Then there’s the matter of versatility within this hobby, and by this I mean that there is literally something for everyone! Through the online community I’ve seen how people really make the hobby their own, through colour schemes, personalised lore and this incredibly badass phenomenon called kitbashing!? It’s also nice to see that you don’t need the best gear going in order to start as there are affordable ways to start collecting too, if you’re savvy. It doesn’t have to stop at painting and playing either. Not only do I have a pile of shame, I also have a shelf of shame from Black Library books to battletomes! What can I say? I may not have been here long but I’ve already picked up the obsessive trait this hobby brings!


For a newcomer to the miniatures hobby, I am impressed. I have so far found it friendly, fun and challenging and I look forward to improving and getting to know more about it all in the future.