waylands forge

Wayland’s Forge is not the easiest of places to find. I spent a good half hour walking around the streets of Birmingham’s custard factory district using google maps trying to find the shop.

I was about to give up when I decided to give the shop a call and ask for a little help.

The staff member that answered the phone was very helpful and guided me along the street, into what looked like an office building, through a hall and down some stairs. i did start to wonder where the hell I was going but there it was in front of me.

So, a warning to others looking for the store, its underground!

Once I entered the store, I was welcomed by the member of staff that guided me in.

The store isn’t the biggest, but its layout works in its favour, with stock around all 4 walls and gaming tables in the centre of the floor.

Wayland’s Forge had a great selection of miniatures, paints, hobby supplies and board games.

I had a good chat with the staff and managed to pick up the new Adeptus Titanicus book on the day of release.

If you’re ever in the custard factory area of Birmingham, be sure to check out Wayland’s forge.


Unit LG06A Zellig

The Custard Factory

Gibb Street


B9 4AT