Ragnarok hobbies

Ragnarok hobbies is one of those blink and you will miss it shops. Located on Gillingham Highstreet Above a small super market. I must admit i walked past Ragnarok Hobbies a couple of times thanks to the “brilliant” advice from google maps, who kept telling me to walk round the corner. I did eventually spot the small sign above the door.

I ventured through the door and up some stair, on this floor is a toilet, so I continued on and went up another set of stairs, finally a door with a glass window and the comforting sight of gaming tables.

Ragnarok have a nice selection of products, not a huge amount but enough for the size of the shop. 

On the shelves were a selection of the usual games workshop products, some warlord games, Star Wars Legion as well as a good selection of dice and hobby products. They even have a copy of Warhammer 40’000 Apocalypse on sale! a rare sight to see these days.

If your ever passing through Gillingham, pop in and take a look.


33 High Street
Gillingham                                                                                                          Kent                                                                                                                      ME7 1BQ