dark sphere

Dark Sphere is located a short walk from Waterloo station. From the outside the shop looks small but you would be mistaken. Once inside the shop opens up into a large gaming hub, shop, and online store warehouse.

The shop has a real charm to it, feeling like an underground bunker. The shop is built into old train tunnels and every so often you can hear a train pass overhead.

The shop has plenty of stock and also offer online services.

The staff are very friendly and happy to chat.

Dark Sphere has many tables set out for tabletop wargames, as well as board and card games, which visually look great but are very close together creating a funnel effect when walking the length of the shop to access all the products. I could imagine bumping into everyone on an events day.

Overall, another great wargames shop.

Dark Sphere

186 Hercules Road

South Bank