In the core rulebook for the Horus Heresy you can easily find the 6 core reactions but hidden within the pages of the book are 2 advanced reactions. Interceptor and Death or Glory.


Whenever an enemy unit enters play from Reserve within line of sight of a friendly unit, and within the maximum range of at least one weapon in that unit. The Reacting unit may make a Shooting Attack, targeting a unit deployed onto the battlefield in this Phase and following all the usual rules for Shooting Attacks. Vehicles may only fire Defensive weapons, unless another rule specifically states otherwise. Shooting Attacks made as part of the Interceptor Reaction do not cause Morale checks, regardless of the number of casualties inflicted. Unless otherwise specified by another rule, making this Reaction expends a point from the Reactive player’s Reaction Allotment for the Phase in which the Reaction is made.

  • This can be a very useful reaction if you are playing against an enemy with deep striking units. Granting you a free shooting attack.
  • This reaction can also be used more than once in a turn if you have a piece of wargear called an Augury scanner.

Augury scanner

  • A unit that contains at least 1 model with an Augury scanner gains the following special rules.
  • Enemy models cannot be deployed using the infiltrate special rule within 18″ of a model with an Augury scanner.
  • A unit that includes an Augury scanner ignores the 24″ limit to line of site when making shooting attacks during night fight.
  • Allows the unit to make an Interceptor reaction without spending one of your allotted reaction points. 

This is an incredibly powerful piece of wargear and for only 10 points is an instant upgrade for your squads. It practically shuts down deep striking armies and can really limit the deep striking areas for your opponent.

Death or Glory

This Advanced Reaction may be made whenever a Ram Attack is declared. After any Hits from a successful Ram have been resolved, and the target unit has passed its Morale check, this Reaction must be resolved. Nominate any one model in the unit that was rammed. Then make a single attack with either a Melee or Ranged weapon. The attack automatically Hits and any damage is resolved against the Front armour. If the attack destroys the Vehicle or inflicts a Crew Stunned, Immobilised or Explodes result then the attacking model remains in play – otherwise it is immediately removed as a casualty with no Saves or Damage Mitigation rolls of any kind allowed. Vehicles may not be nominated to make a Death or Glory Reaction.

  • This is a very thematic reaction but i also feel its a reaction that most players will never see or use. I have never played a game of heresy where an opponent tried to ram one of my units with a vehicle, even before this reaction existed.

That is all the core and advanced reactions within the core rule book for the Horus Heresy but expect more reactions within future books.