"40k 9th , the salty edition"

40k 9th the salty edition part 3: the psychic phase

Hello chaps it’s time for the next part of this series. Finally It’s time for my favourite phase! The mind bullet phase! For some bizarre reason I’ve also liked the idea of using my brain to shape and unleash extradimensional energy full of malevolent entities, who wish to turn me into a stargate made of quivering flesh…I really do have problems don’t I! Ahem! Anyway enough of that! It’s time to define the rules mechanics of the psychic phase.

First pick a funky space wizard. Next pick one of his/her/it’s powers. Roll 2D6 and add the results together. If you roll a double 1 or double 6 then something nasty has happened. Take D3 mortal wounds! Ouch! Sounds like mind bullets can give you a headache! Provided this unfortunate event hasn’t occurred then compare you score to the warp charge value of the power you were trying to manifest, if your score is equal to or higher than the Warp charge value of your power then it is successfully manifested. Your opponent can then try and deny

the witch if they have their own witch or are Nuns with Guns. To Deny your opponent rolls 2D6 adding the results together and compares their score to yours! Like a dick measuring contest except with brains! If your opponent exceeds your score then the power is denied and nothing else happens. If they have no denies or fail the roll then the power is manifested as described in the power description. Keep following this procedure until your space Wizard has cast all the powers he’s entitled to or you decide that you’ve used all the powers you want too. Next pick your next magic man and follow the above procedure. Once all your men who stare at goats have finishing staring the psychic phase is over. At this point some armies can use a stratagem to cast an extra power. Do this now or move right along.

So to comment about this phase. It’s been tidied up from 8th edition by stating that a psyker must finish all his powers before you move to the next psyker. No back and forth! I’m not keen on the escalating warp charge cost of smite as it’s the only antitank that some factions have. Grey Knights and Thousand Sons foremost affected. Hopefully we’ll get something to help in our 9th edition codex’s…geedubs willing. As for the powers themselves I feel that some are not effective enough for the warp charge cost or vise versa. A better balance should be struck in my opinion. As an example I feel that a warp charge cost of 8 is too steep for being able to target a character with d3 mortal wounds. Whilst Eldar get rerolls to hit or to wound for warp charge 7! A far more devastating power for 1 less warp charge is hardly fair. In fact as those are two separate powers both can be employed to devastating effect. A redress of the balance is needed.

Right that’s enough for now my young apprentice. Feel the salt flow through you! Give in! It is your destiny.