"40k 9th , the salty edition"

40k 9th the salty edition part 2: the movement phase

Greetings wargamers it’s me again! You know who I am so let’s get straight onto the subject for today which is…..

The Movement phase.

First off we must define what we are discussing. Hopefully you’re spotting the pattern here. Firstly we should mention the fact that the movement phase is now split into two sub phases. These are move units and reinforcements. I shall discuss these in order. To move a unit you select it then choose move normally, Advance or remain stationary. To move normally look up the “M” stat on your unit’s data slate add any bonuses from your sub faction (if any) then using a measuring device (ruler, tape measure etc.) move your unit that many inches in any direction horizontally or vertically, in any combination you can think of. Every inch moved in any and all vectors must be accounted for and must not exceed your unit’s maximum move characteristic. For advance all previous rules apply with the exceptions that an advancing unit may not shoot weapon types other than “assault” unless faction or sub faction rules specify otherwise. Secondly an advancing unit adds an additional D6 inches to it’s move characteristic. Again certain factions and sub factions as well certain data slates will override this in various ways, so check your data slates and faction/sub faction rules. Finally unless contradicted by data slates, faction/sub faction rules an advancing unit may not declare a charge in the charge Phase. Next is remain stationary, which sounds obvious to me. However it is worth pointing out that to remain stationary the whole unit, that is to say every model without exception must remain stationary in the unit in question. Finally we have fall back. When you fall back you may not advance and move up to the models M stat in inches, plus of course any faction/sub faction bonuses. A unit that falls back may not use psychic powers, shoot or charge this turn. Unless their faction, sub faction or data slate specify otherwise.

Now for the reinforcement sub phase. This is where you set up units that are arriving from reserves. These units cannot move in any of the ways previously described. They also count as having moved. Any units who spend the whole battle camping off table count as destroyed.

So now on to my opinions. First I like the way movement works now so have very little to bitch about! Fear not however as very little is not the same as none. The first thing I dislike is a rule , the second is a result of the rules as written. The rule I dislike is that a unit moves or does not. So if you have ten dudesmen and one is equipped with a heavy weapon whilst the rest of said scrubs are equipped with crappy pea shooters which aren’t worth firing and one scrub moves a tiny distance then the dude with the heavy counts as moving….’cos someone else moving jostles my weapon! Le sigh….well done geedubs it wouldn’t be one of your rules sets without some stupid donkey brained rules. Ahem anyway on to my second gripe. All the variable movement stats even within the same army and the presence of sub faction rules that modify the movement stats of various units in various different ways make the number you see on a units data slate a starting point only requiring a (basic) mathematical equation to determine your actual movement value. An example is the Klan Kultur for Evil Sun’s Orks which adds 1 or 2 inches to each units movement stats depending upon if said unit is a vehicle or infantry. Then when these units advance you add an additional inch to your advance roll. So extra complexity to an already complex game. This stuff is part of what makes 40k so time consuming.

Alright guys I’ve spouted off long enough, I’ll see you later.