"40k 9th , the salty edition"

40k 9th the salty edition part 1: the command phase

Command Phase.

To discuss this we must first define the Phase and what happens in it. First you gain 1 command point. Then you use any other abilities that tell you they are used in the command phase for example the Necron ability “my will be done” You also score the primary victory points for each mission. Additionally certain actions are completed in the command phase. Actions are part of specific secondary objectives.

So with that out of the way we need my opinions. First I believe that this phase is a bit empty for the moment. However that should slowly change as the new 9th edition codex’s are released and extra rules added that are resolved in this phase. My next thought is that an extra phase adds more time to an already time consuming game. However I do like that Geedubs are freeing up the movement phase from non movement abilities, so it’s a swings and roundabouts situation. In conclusion then I shall say wait and see, only time will tell if the command phase will be a success or not.